Constance Kelly

About Me

I'm Constance Kelly and I was born in Washington State, where I spent the first 12 years of my life. I've been living in Phoenix, Arizona since the 6th grade. I have always been a writer, whether I was making little books about my cat in second grade or going all out when we had a project in class where we wrote our own story. I knew I was passionate about writing in fifth grade, when my teacher looked me straight in the eyes and told me how I was a creative girl and she saw bright things in my future. Ever since then, I've been writing books with the intent to publish. I have written books, poems, and I've written a play. I mostly write horror and fantasy, but I do also enjoy romance, and I crave writing drama. 

My Books

The Cabin's Nooks - Out now on Amazon!

The Cabin's Nooks follows Scooter Underwood, a teenager in the town of Helton, a town known for it's never ending woods and for the mysteries that accompany it. When Scooter decides to venture into these woods to take a midnight walk, what she finds is startling, and changes her life forever. 


This is a paranormal horror, it has ghosts and possession. This book also deals with trauma, including sexual assault, miscarriage, and murder.  If these themes are difficult for you, or you are sensitive to anything mentioned here, this may not be the book for you. Thank you. 

Link to "The Cabin's Nooks: The Mysteries Lurking Within Helton":